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TOROS Mini Excavators
TOROS Mini Excavators
Toros mini excavator suppliers have revolutionized the construction industry by providing versatile, efficient, and reliable solutions for material handling and excavation tasks. With their versatility in construction applications, enhanced maneuverability, robust digging power, operator comfort and safety features, as well as cost-effectiveness,Toros continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the realm of mini excavator suppliers. Empowering construction companies with the tools necessary to streamline their operations, Toros remains a trusted partner for driving success and efficiency in construction projects of all scales.
Mini Excavators
TE-10TE-10 Mini Excavators
EngineKOOP/ Briggs & S
Engine Power7kw/13.5hp
Overall Dime2600*940*1480mm
Bucket capacity0.022m³
TE-12TE-12 Mini Excavators
EngineKOOP 192F/KUBOTA D72
Engine Power7.6kw/10.2kw
Overall Dime2870*930*2285mm
Bucket capacity0.022m³
TE-15TE-15 Mini Excavators
EngineLAIDONG 380
Engine Power19kw
Overall Dime2900*1100*2285m
Bucket capacity0.03m³
TE-16TE-16 Mini Excavators
Engine Power10.2kw/16kw
Overall Dime2950*1100*2220m
Bucket capacity0.03m³
TE-18TE-18 Mini Excavators
EngineKUBOTA D722/KM385B
Engine Power10.2kw/28kw
Overall Dime3110*1100*2242m
Bucket capacity0.035m³
TE-20TE-20 Mini Excavators
EngineKUBOTA D902/KM385
Engine Power11.8kw/18.1kw
Overall Dime3460*1200*2270m
Bucket capacity0.04m³
TE-25TE-25 Mini Excavators
Engine Power25kw/14kw
Overall Dime3966*1350*2280m
Bucket capacity0.07m³
TE-26STE-26S Mini Excavators
Engine Power15KW/14KW
Overall Dime3850*1300*2380m
Bucket capacity0.066m³
TE-30TE-30 Mini Excavators
Engine Power20kw/18.1kw
Overall Dime4180*1350*2200m
Bucket capacity0.07m³
TE-35STE-35S Mini Excavators
Engine Power18.5kw/19.6kw
Overall Dime4485*1550*2440m
Bucket capacity0.09m³
TE-40TE-40 Mini Excavators
Engine Power34kw
Overall Dime4200*1500*2390m
Bucket capacity0.16m³
TE-50TE-50 Mini Excavators
Engine Power36.8kw
Overall Dime5262*1530*2500m
Bucket capacity0.12m³
TOROS Skid Steer Loader
TOROS Skid Steer Loader
The advantages of selecting toros skid steer loaders as your supplier extend far beyond the machinery itself. Toros stands as a reliable partner committed to performance excellence, customization, cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental responsibility. By choosing toros, industries can elevate their projects, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and a sustainable approach to heavy-duty operations. Unlock the power of toros skid steer loaders and propel your projects toward unparalleled success.
Skid Steer Loader
TRS-360WTRS-360W Skid Steer Loader
Rated Load Capacity200kg
Maximum Lifting Force330kg
Preset Press17Mpa
Working Weight690/700kg
TRS-480TRS-480 Skid Steer Loader
Rated Load Capacity260kg
Maximum Lifting Force375kg
Preset Press17Mpa
Working Weight920/930/950kg
TRS-480WTRS-480W Skid Steer Loader
Rated Load Capacity260kg
Maximum Lifting Force375kg
Preset Press17Mpa
Working Weight890/900/930kg
TRS-680XTRS-680X Skid Steer Loader
Rated Load Capacity450kg
Maximum Lifting Force1200kg
Preset Press21Mpa
Working Weight1300kg
TOROS Mini Dumper
TOROS Mini Dumper
Toros Mini Dumper boasts a robust and efficient design, specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding construction sites.Built with durable materials and precision engineering, Toros Mini Dumpers offer exceptional load-bearing capacities, enabling the seamless transportation of various materials such as sand, gravel, and construction debris. Its sturdy build ensures reliable performance even in the most challenging terrains,making it an indispensable asset for construction and industrial projects.
Mini Dumper
TRS-05BTRS-05B Mini Dumper
Engine BrandBriggs & Stratto
Walking Speed1.7/3.5(km/h)
Minimum Turn0.95m
TRS-05ATRS-05A Mini Dumper
Engine Brandkubota
Walking Speed10.2kw
Minimum TurnRadins00*1200*8
TRS-08ATRS-08A Mini Dumper
Engine Power10.2kw
Overall Dime2400*1200*890mm
Bucket capacity0.01m³
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